Samsung Gear S2: Top 10 tricks for your AndroidWear

Tizen is the new flat form on which Samsung developed their smart watch Gear S2. If you are unfamiliar with how to use this plat form, you can follow some of these tips below.

Double taps as screen off

You can find on the Gear 2, two physical buttons and a rotating bezel which enable you to access wherever you want without having to look at the screen.

For instance, you can set the Back button to turn screen off when you double tap it. You can also set it as access to music player, or it can take you to the most recent app, map, message, schedule or a third party app.

Power saving mode for the watch

If you hold down the Home button on the right side of the device, then rotate it or swipe down to choose either “Power off” or “Power saving”, the latter of which sets the device into power saving mode. You can also access the mode on the main Setting menu.

Power saving mode allows the Gear S2 to go for another day when power is down to only 15% – Wareable screen shot.

Wake up with motion gesture

The power saving mode will put the screen of Gear S2 screen into gray-scale rather than the normal screen display, disable Wi-Fi and every other functions, restricting to only call, text message and notification. This mode can prolong the life to the Gear S2 to another day when power is only at 15%. In other words, if you forget to charge your Gear 2 overnight and don’t own a charging dock at work, things is not too bad after all.

One of the most talked about features of the Gear S2 is how user can wake up the device with hand gesture thanks to the gyroscope on the smartwatch. Every time you turn your wrist to check the time, the screen will show the clock.

If you want to go on a jog and save the power because jogging does include a lot of hand motion, open the Device in Setting in the device to turn it off before your morning jogging session.

Do not disturbing

When you are talking with friends, or attending a group discussion, notifications buzzing and showing on the Gear S2 screen will properly be kind of annoying.

For that reason, you can turn on the Do not disturb mode by swiping the screen down at choose the icon to turn off vibration and screen notification until you are ready to read them.

Switching your strap

The band of the Gear S2 is swappable with that of the Gear S2 Classic; strap on the first model however, cannot be swapped out as easily since it is exclusive strap.

The straps on the Gear S2 models are interchangeable, but not for the earlier model Gear S – Photo: Samsung

Checking connectivity status

Swiping down from the top of the Gear S2 screen, you can see battery indicator and connectivity status, or lack thereof, with the Bluetooth icon. If for some reason, you want to disconnect with the smartphone, you can choose this icon. In Connections screen, you can also turn on or off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi.

Download Here Maps

Ask for direction on Gear S2 Here Maps with S Voice

Hear Maps is pre-installed in the Gear S2 but you need to download Navigator app from Google Play Store on your smartphone to use the navigation function. From that point, you can ask for direction with voice command through S voice.

Control the heart rate monitor

Set schedule for Heart rate monitor readings to save battery

Heart rate monitor is a useful feature integrated in many Samsung smartphone and smartwatch devices. Continuing that trend, the Gear S2 will continuously take your heart rate to give out health information. However, you can control the frequency of the monitor to save battery.

To do this, open S Health. Then swipe or rotate to Settings. Here, if you swipe down, you will see an Auto HR option. Tap it and choose the level of monitor at which you want Gear S2 to carry out.

Turn off Wake-up gesture to save power

Wake-up gesture feature is convenient but can be turned off for longer battery life

Similar to other Android Wear, the Gear S2 is also equipped with automatic Wake-up when moving the wrist. This means that every time to raise your hand, the device will wake up immediately and show content without having to press any button.

However, this feature is also more on the power-consuming side. That is why in special occasions that call for power saving, you should open Device and turn it off.

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